Wanna grow that girly man beard into the "Beard of God" but can't stand the itch?  Follow these simple steps...

The reason your beard itches is because you shave. Just STOP IT!

When you shave, your whiskers are cut at an angle leaving a sharp edge, after a few days of growth, those same whiskers start poking into your face since your hair grows close to your face and not outwards. This is a huge discomfort & sometimes causes redness to your face.

This is also very temporary so don't get your skirt in a bunch, after 2-3 weeks the sharps edges of your whiskers become dull & don't poke into your skin any more. 

This is the stage that is unavoidable to growing your beard but you can greatly reduce the itch in the steps below.

No Hot Water
Stop with the hot water & soap; it dries your skin. Try luke warm or better yet, cold water on your face, only soaping your beard a few times a week.

Add Moisture
This is where 7 DEADLY SINS comes in, you need to add lots of moisture back to your beard, even if you are just starting off, a little beard oil and beard balm, puts all the moisture back, as well as adding a few key ingredients to your beard and face to help with beard growth, moisture, whisker strength, length & of course the dreaded itch.

Remember, only with great sacrifice, can you achieve a Beard of God